Projects update / by Carlos Huante

My latest Professional projects that have been released are Pokemon, Godzilla (I made a minimal appearance) Fantastic Beasts 2. Of course just before those were Skull Island, IT, Bladerunner 2049, Alien Covenant and lastly Arrival. I also did some work on at least two versions of Star Trek 3.. There were many little projects in-between.

Projects still in the works one being a Big Game project.. Other big projects I can speak of only broadly are going to be TV series for the new online subscription TV companies..I have worked on about 3 in the last year..they are pretty big…One in particular could be huge..

Feature film projects I worked on that are still in the works are IT chapter 2, Dune. I have been contributing ideas here and there for Rick and Morty , love those guys….and many projects that aren’t going to get made…I worked on a version of Masters of the Universe but it’s gone through several iterations so unsure where it will end up…I can only say I have worked on these projects to promote myself but can say nothing about them….YET…..

For those of you who have chased me down about Alien 5.. I did do some work on it.. but have been told to be silent about the project.. The director is holding it close to the chest.. I don’t see it getting made ..It’s been years now since I did the work but can’t talk about it…..So that one is in the bottomless pit till I get old enough and don’t care anymore…heheheheh….but for now I’m still in the game so I must behave….

anyway..if you are interested I will be updating here more regularly. Keep checking in here as I will be attempting to make more of a presence here.