Projects update by Carlos Huante

My latest Professional projects that have been released are Pokemon, Godzilla (I made a minimal appearance) Fantastic Beasts 2. Of course just before those were Skull Island, IT, Bladerunner 2049, Alien Covenant and lastly Arrival. I also did some work on at least two versions of Star Trek 3.. There were many little projects in-between.

Projects still in the works one being a Big Game project.. Other big projects I can speak of only broadly are going to be TV series for the new online subscription TV companies..I have worked on about 3 in the last year..they are pretty big…One in particular could be huge..

Feature film projects I worked on that are still in the works are IT chapter 2, Dune. I have been contributing ideas here and there for Rick and Morty , love those guys….and many projects that aren’t going to get made…I worked on a version of Masters of the Universe but it’s gone through several iterations so unsure where it will end up…I can only say I have worked on these projects to promote myself but can say nothing about them….YET…..

For those of you who have chased me down about Alien 5.. I did do some work on it.. but have been told to be silent about the project.. The director is holding it close to the chest.. I don’t see it getting made ..It’s been years now since I did the work but can’t talk about it…..So that one is in the bottomless pit till I get old enough and don’t care anymore…heheheheh….but for now I’m still in the game so I must behave….

anyway..if you are interested I will be updating here more regularly. Keep checking in here as I will be attempting to make more of a presence here.


Site is updated and fixed.... by Carlos Huante

sorry for the last site.. It had some loading problems and I just didn’t have the time to fix it… I have instagram pages that I’ve been working .. But I have always wanted my website to be the main space for my artwork to be showcased…….anyway there it is…I will be posting here as well and more often…..

Thank you!


Monsterpalooza is over by Carlos Huante

Monsterpalooza was awesome .. It was my first show if you can believe it...I sold 4 drawings..2 blue pencil pages and 2 of my favorite pieces from the Captured series.. I sold many books and the entire show was like a reunion of old friends...Everyone was very nice....anyway..time to put all that aside and get back to work's a new week and new gigs on the horizon...



Monsterpalooza this weekend by Carlos Huante

Got the dummy in today..its a very basic example of the final.. The final will be much higher quality.. Swing by my booth, space 333, at Monsterpalooza to check it out. Im thinking of putting it up on kickstarter. Almost all the originals in this sketchbook will be available for purchase at the show..The Prometheus portfolio down below will also be there..not as a for sale item but just for view.....

Finalish image by Carlos Huante

Here the whole piece for for Travis Louie's " Mad about Harryhausen" show in a couple weeks here in Los Angeles....this is 98% pencil..colored and graphite and a little watercolor

Updates in the gallery happening by Carlos Huante

I just started 2 more galleries...It's interesting how many jobs that I've worked on never will see the light of day...One of the best parts of what I do is working with good clients that love the process and understand the difference in quality.. It makes me work harder because I know that they are able to see.....That's one thing that cannot be pushed aside and budgeted out and that's quality experienced artistry...Great artwork/design that was made to be realized, made so it works for that particular project is the catalyst that will excite the rest of the crew. Priceless....