Art Talk

Monsterpalooza is over

Monsterpalooza was awesome .. It was my first show if you can believe it...I sold 4 drawings..2 blue pencil pages and 2 of my favorite pieces from the Captured series.. I sold many books and the entire show was like a reunion of old friends...Everyone was very nice....anyway..time to put all that aside and get back to work's a new week and new gigs on the horizon...



Monsterpalooza this weekend

Got the dummy in today..its a very basic example of the final.. The final will be much higher quality.. Swing by my booth, space 333, at Monsterpalooza to check it out. Im thinking of putting it up on kickstarter. Almost all the originals in this sketchbook will be available for purchase at the show..The Prometheus portfolio down below will also be there..not as a for sale item but just for view.....

Finalish image

Here the whole piece for for Travis Louie's " Mad about Harryhausen" show in a couple weeks here in Los Angeles....this is 98% pencil..colored and graphite and a little watercolor

Updates in the gallery happening

I just started 2 more galleries...It's interesting how many jobs that I've worked on never will see the light of day...One of the best parts of what I do is working with good clients that love the process and understand the difference in quality.. It makes me work harder because I know that they are able to see.....That's one thing that cannot be pushed aside and budgeted out and that's quality experienced artistry...Great artwork/design that was made to be realized, made so it works for that particular project is the catalyst that will excite the rest of the crew. Priceless....